Little Fockers

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  not the best fockers movie, but still very funny

  A few funny moments but nothing like the first ones. The best part is at the end when rolling the credits.

  They have the years wrong. It's 8yrs, not 10yrs that they've known each other. When the lady at the school asks "how long you've been in each others lives", they both say 8yrs. So I don't know where 10yrs comes from. Unless I'm missing something.

  About as funny as a documentary on migrating tuna.

  Compared to the first two movies, this one was actually quite disappointing. It was "alright" for what it was, but compared to "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers" - this one was worst out of the three.


  Not a great movie,worst of the three.I thought it would be funnier.


  Love the characters and storyline and am glad they made a third one. Loved the other two movies too.

  I really didn't enjoy this one at all, they should have left it where it was, this one cannot compete with the others in any way. Very disapointing, I dont recommend it