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Current Rating: 3.51

Current Rating: 3.51

based on 76 votes and 28 reviews

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  • 2 stars "Had me hooked until the end, which unfortunately was not good. The youngest of the siblings was really creepy..."
  • 2 stars "Meh, not that good. Acting wasn't very good. Story was kind of boring."
  • 3 stars "I liked this movie, except I hated Jessica Chastain's hair. Good twist about Mama."
  • 1 stars "Seems I only come on here to write a review if the movie is especially bad..............well this is one of them. I have to be honest I was looking forward to this one. It starts off as a cool story idea and then literally goes directly into the realm of horrible. The "haunting" or "possession" makes no sense at all. And for your own amusement please please please (if you bother to watch this) wait until one of the scenes where the "ghost" appears and pause it. I don't know for sure but I think the "ghost" is a thrift store mannequin. On the bright side the kids in the movie do a reasonable job of acting and could have a bright future. I don't want to say this is the worst movie I hav"
  • 1 stars "Don't bother"
  • 1 stars "This has got to be the WORST movie i have ever seen in my 34 years. Save your 12-14 dollars and wait till this hits the 5 dollar bin at walmart. The ONLY saving grace in this movie (and its a small one) is the girl who played Victoria. Also Jessica Chastain was alright as well. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND AVOID THIS LIKE THE BLACK FREAKIN PLAGUE!"
  • 5 stars "Worst movie ever!...But especially the best movie ever...dont see this movie seriously....5 out of 5 stars!"
  • 3 stars "Went with 3 friends hoping for a good movie... and were disappointed in the very thin story line. The actors were great... but not really much point to it and the ending was as if they ran out of money or time... very lame. Where did all the good movies go? :("
  • 5 stars "Best horror movie I have seen in awhile."
  • 4 stars "Best ghost movie in years! And I think I have seen them all. Emotional plot...Great acting,especially from the kids. Nice to see a horror movie with no blood."


Genre:  Thriller | Running Time:  100 min.
In Theatres:  January 18, 2013 | On DVD/VOD:  May 7, 2013

Current rating: Rating: 3.51
based on 76 votes and 28 reviews
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Cast: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier, Isabelle Nelisse

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