Promised Land

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  while the movie tried to bring a good point about the environment, it did it with utterly no soul, no spirit and with sheer boredom.

  should have been called "Promised to be Bored".

  a good message lost in a bad movie, with a horrible script.

  Stupid, stupid, tree-hugging movie. 100+ minutes of your life gone.

  The expertise shines thrgouh. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  They want to frack N.B.. No Way. See this movie and learn what it is all about. Loved it. Has a great message and makes you think. Waiting for DVD to watch again.

  This are an magnificant movie well done matt damon

  Not bad but I found the ending contrived. I would wait for DVD.

  Great acting, good story, well worth a look!


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