Red Dawn

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  Good movie

  Seriously Amercian.... terrible. Just terrible.

  The original can't hold a candle to this version.

  Here's a remake that they should of left alone. Some of the more important scenes were left out or changed for the worst. I challenge anyone who liked this movie to watch the original and say it wasn't better than this cheap remake.

  If there was an option to give absolutely no stars, than that's what this movie deserves. Who ever came up with the idea of North Korea invading the USA, and who ever even allowed it to go into production should be shot on sight. Can somebody explain to me how the hell would they be able to just bypass the most powerful Navy, and Air Force in the world? They probably used teleportation technology. This is got to be one of the worst, and stupidest movie ever made. I'd rather sit trough the most boring seminar, than suffer trough this movie one more time. If I had a time machine, I would test it out, to unsee this garbage.


  There were no plot to the story at all, the movie was highly unrealistic, everything happened so quickly it felt like the movie was just a big rush. The movie had a great potential to be great but it turned to be a big disappointment

  The defense of the statutory values. All citizens is called to make choices. This film shows that with the means of the edge, one is able to carry them out. “Who wants the peace, prepares the war! ”, “It is always necessary to think what we want to say and always say what we think!” and “We inherited our freedom, now, we must fight to preserve it” drawn from the film. It is very a good American film which speaks about terrorism and adapted for the young people. I very appreciated the young actors. To see on Super Channels or to rent it. Don't fail to see the film, I suggest it to you!

  Can't believe I paid money to see this. What a waste

  Very Well done! Good acting. Realistic Story :D

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