Safe Haven

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  Good movie, very predictable. The book was much better. Crapping acting by Julianne I think she should stick to dancing because she is amazing in that. But overall good movie.

  Better then expected

  very good movie with a twist ending

clear remake of sleeping with the enemy, yet no one mentions it. no matter how good josh is the lead actress just sucked.

  I loved this movie. Parts of it made me cry. I'm buying the movie when it comes out next week. One I'll watch over and over again.

  my fav new movie, watched it 2ce :)

  Great movie! It had it all. Romance,suspense,scary scenes and interesting twists.

  It was a good chick flick, I liked the lead characters. However, I found it followed the same lines as Sleeping With the Enemy, so I was disappointed that it was not fresh and new. It was still a good movie!

  This is now one of my favourite movies of all time <3

  Predictable, yes but makes you feel feel warm and fuzzy inside. Julianne Hough is gorgeous and I'm in love with Josh Duhamel. The little girl was very talented too! I felt the ending was a bit too rushed though but I'm glad I watched this.

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