Scary Movie 5

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  Not the calibre of the first few in the series. The first skit with Sheen and Lohan is hilarious, but unwatchable after that.

  Downright terrible. Very disappointed. We were both done 25% through the movie but continued to watch it as we had paid for it.

  I wish producers come with some novelty or stop doing sequels if they are out of ideas.

  OMG! I can't wait to watch this movie on my BIRTHDAY!! :D ????????????

  ok so i saw this and i wasted $5. the worst movie i saw in my life

  I am not sure the 5th version of any original is ever close to good?

  Just not the same quality as Scary Movie 1-3. I suspect this is the death of this series.

What's scary is that they keep making these things.

  This money can really give you a leaf and it is great if you like horror movies too.

  stupid, but funny as hell would go see it a second time

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