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Current Rating: 4.10

Current Rating: 4.10

based on 130 votes and 30 reviews

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  • 4 stars This man is a genius he found out what everyone was thinking and he showed it to the world every secret agentcies dirty laundry
  • 5 stars Great acting, great cinematography, great script, great set design, Snowden himself as a consultant, and a director that managed to make what could have been a movie that was too complex easy to understand. To be honest, I didn't care for Stone's JFK. It just seemed all over the place and without focus. This was very focused. I knew I would be interested in the subject matter and would learn something, but I learned a lot more than I expected -- and am grateful for that. I just saw it 2 days ago and I hope to see it again this week. (Note: I have never wanted to see the same movie twice in one week before in my life. Yes, it's that good.) Anyone who thinks Snowden was a traitor is not as educated on what this was all about as they should be. He did all of us a huge favor. Thank you, Mr. Snowden. You rock!!!
  • 5 stars It seemed truthful and shockingly like the book 1984.
  • 5 stars Fascinating story, well developed plot AND characters
  • 5 stars This is not a movie for right wing, fearful, uneducated people. This is a movie about one man's effort to expose a worldwide conspiracy to monitor our lives through the Internet, cell phones and technology. He starts out as a believer and advocate of monitoring for the sake of protecting us against terrorism and then discovers that it is more heinous than that. It is the attempt to control our thoughts, actions and beliefs. We should all be aware of the danger of this. I see Snowden as a hero and not a traitor!
  • 5 stars A really gripping telling of the Snowden story. Edge of your seat story telling, and unbelievable that it's based on truth!!
  • 5 stars how can anyone call Edward Snowden a traitor when he is exposing the illegal corruption that the government is doing and the government is lying about it. How can you trust a government? Conscious superseded money. Edward is a true hero for all humans.
  • 5 stars Everyone should see this movie!
  • 5 stars Excellent!! Builds on Edwards' personal moral conviction to protect the innocent. A movie every true American must see. Open your eyes and your mind and see what is happening now. Edward Snowden, thank you for sacrificing your life for exposing this terrible injustice. You are a HERO and if Gary Johnson is elected POTUS, you will be pardoned. Stay strong and know that you have the love and support of many back home.
  • 5 stars Great movie where all lies of the modern world are exposed. Pleasure to watch


Genre:  Thriller | Running Time:  134 min.
In theatres:  September 16, 2016 | On DVD/VOD:  December 20, 2016

Current rating: Rating: 4.10
based on 130 votes and 30 reviews
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Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Rhys Ifans, Nicolas Cage, Timothy Olyphant, Joely Richardson, Scott Eastwood, Ben Schnetzer

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