The Croods

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  It was amazing! I watched it like two times in one week! It's funny but is kind of serious at times! Its a movie for all ages!

  Extremely funny, unique characters and animation. Best Animated Movie ever made. I am hoping for a sequel soon. I soooo love all the characters especially Grandma, so funny!

  Great for the whole family.

  Not sure how anyone couldn't just love this movie! Saw it last night, and am ready to watch it again already! Thank you Dreamworks!

  Great Movie!!!!! A must see. :)

  I loved the movie.It was sad at the end of the movie

  Very good movie. The kids really enjoyed it.

  not very fun don't lie it at all gest gave it 2 stars so u will go see it and see how bad it is

  This movie is so good.

  I think it was the most lol movie ever made!

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