The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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  The Hobbit Is... 'AN INSTANT CLASSIC!'


  Loved loved it!!!!!!!


  Not for Tolkien purists. Jackson is banking in on his LOTR cred. Over the top, Transformer meets The man with the irons fists fight sequences. Flat one liners. Obvious character development with weak and predictable changes of heart moments. At one point, I was wondering if I had the 'The Hobbit, A musical' version by mistake. As Ignatius would say, 'What degenerate produced this technicolored abortion!'... An Epic failure from the man who brought us true classics like Braindead and LOTR.

  Well done! I really enjoyed this movie, and look forward to the next two sequels. The beginning was a little slow which was necessary to introduce the life Bilbo Baggins had before he went on his adventure. From that point on, it was a hold-on-to-your-seat experience. For anyone who thinks this movie didn't have the intensity of the final Lord of the Rings movie, remember...JRR Tolkien wrote The Hobbit for his children. However, this is NOT for young children. Nuff said. Loved it!

  Fabulous film! Enjoyed every minute.

  Loved LOTR so I really looked forward to the Hobbit. Great movie! Well done!Good acting. I can’t wait for the next! Wouldn’t expect anything less.

  AMAZING Movie!! You should go in knowing that they've split this book into 3 parts so you're only watching the first part of the sequel here. I didn't know it was broken up and was getting a little tired near the end. GREAT MOVIE - going to watch it again this weekend!

  I was really disappointed in this. I really disliked how it was filmed in HD, I felt it took away from the myth, fantasy, other world like feel the previous 3 had. It felt fake, like a soap opera. The orcs were different and looked faked, the wolves were different. It was like Jackson wanted to re-introduce what everything looked like rather than staying consistent with what had previously been done. As an adult, I felt the movie was geared towards children, and there was a lot of silliness and stupidity. Very disappointing.

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