The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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  The original was just bad, but this over=the-top sequel, with its preposterous storyline and overwrought performances (especially Lawrence's) is a surefire camp classic in the making.

  It was a disaster. Too long, no action at all. Love plot was crap and too long, no hunger games at all in this episone. Ending was so lame. Movie about spoiled girl that tend to sulk half of the movie. One minute she's tough, other time she's all mushy and crying like a little baby. Waste of time!


  I loved this movie so much!! cant wait for mocking jay to come out!!

The biggest guilty pleasure since Batman & Robin! Sure to become a camp classic!

  Should have gone straight-to-video.

  A worth while sequel ..,

  Just as good as the First, loved the ending

  this movie was amazing. there was so much action it was incredible

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