The Impossible

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  A great family movie everyone should watch. A little movie that gets across the trials and tribulations and helplessness when Mother Nature comes calling. Least when you expect it and unprepared....what would YOU do? Makes you think real hard. The eldest boy's acting is a star in the making, most definitely.

  Great and interesting movie.

  Overwhelming, and emotional, but definitely worth it.

  Kept me on the edge till the end !

  This is a movie that can make you cry, very amazing acting by those kids, though do not see a oscar nomination in Naomi Watts performance.

  Very well-made, touching film about life and how it can be so drastically changed in an instant. Shows the true struggles and joys of life. Very emotional film. Would recommend for sure because of stunning filmography and great acting.

  Very realistic depiction of the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. The story of one family's struggle to survive the tsunami and re-unite.

  great visuals -

  Very emotional movie, great choice of actors, amazing play. Very touching and felt like i was in the movie. For sure will watch it again.

  Riveting movie. Loved how all the actors played their roles. The writers were able to show the compassion everyone had in looking out for one another while dealing with their own pain.Great movie about survival against all odds and about strength and love in a family.

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