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Current Rating: 4.44

Current Rating: 4.44

based on 356 votes and 129 reviews

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  • 4 stars It was a good movie about the 5 stages of overcoming grief. The stages were not as clearly defined as in other movies but the message got through. To have the holy trinity take responsibility for the recovery is one way to look at it.
  • 5 stars This was a very inspirational movie and yet it is has received harsh criticism from Christian reviewers that seem to miss the point. I am Christian. The point of this movie is about love, forgiveness, and that life can and does go on past the tragedies of our lives. It seems to me that so many Christians have a need to "pigeon hole" who or what God is, who Christ was/is, what the Holy Spirit is and what Wisdom is. These entities have as many dimensions and meanings as there believers. This movie touched me in the deepest and most profound way. I saw it twice and it left me even more breathless the second time. The effect it had upon me was to bring me to a place of forgiveness in an area of my life that I was not able to. If a movie can do that to one person, well, then it is worth every penny it took to make it. But I have talked to countless many who saw this movie and one of the fruits was that of forgiveness. This movie paralleled the book like most do not. It was very well done and I just might see it a third time. I am not one to see a movie even a second time. Kudos for the producer and director.
  • 5 stars I've never been so inspired by a movie as I was by "The Shack". I've held on to grudges and hates for many years and this beautiful movie taught me how to let go of all of those negative feelings. The story line is beautifully crafted, the acting is real to life and I highly recommend this to everyone who needs a relief from holding on to past events that are keeping you from being the happy and spiritually healthy person you want to be. Forget any negative press you may have's just the negative forces trying to prevent you from knowing that our Heavenly Father is always with us and loves us unconditionally. Can't wait for it to come on Blu-ray.
  • 5 stars This is the BEST movie ever....please don't listen to the negative reports, nothing could be farther from the truth!! Beautifully illustrates God's unconditional love, grace and forgiveness for ALL.
  • 5 stars This is the most spiritual and accurate account of what faith is. An absolute must see. I have seen it 2 times and plan to see again tonight and purchase as soon as available!
  • 5 stars Wonderful story. Touched my heart and spirit. Coming to see it again Easter Sunday. I've read the book three times, and this will be the third time I will see the movie again. I will buy the movie when it comes out. I am a Christian as well.
  • 5 stars This movie touched my soul
  • A thought-provoking and fascinating movie with many levels of meaning to understand. It is not just a story but a personal spiritual journey. I want to see it again. Very meaningful. I loved it so much.
  • 5 stars Excellent good as the book
  • 5 stars Wonderful presentation of God's love and forgiveness. The actors were great! Nothing was lost from the book to the movie. I loved it, shed some tears and was encouraged to keep trusting God.

The Shack

Genre:  Drama | Running Time:  132 min.
In theatres: March 3, 2017
DVD/BluRay: May 30, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 4.44
based on 356 votes and 129 reviews
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Cast: Sam Worthington, Radha Mitchell, Octavia Spencer, Graham Greene, Ryan Robbins, Megan Charpentier, Gage Munroe, Derek Hamilton