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Best movie I have seen in years!

even at near 40 years of age, It was kept as true to form as they could, after watching the original cartoon movie in 1986, its a treat to watch your favorite hero an vilan come to life. EP3 Star Wars had the special effects beat as far as up to date, Watch Transforms to get the cutting edge of technology. A Must see!! if your an old school transformer fan 1984 you will NOT be disappointed with all the suttle hints from your past. Summer Blockbuster for sure!

I cannot believe how awesome it was. I feel bad for anyone who decides to pass up seeing this on the big screen. The best summer blockbuster of all-time.

I Give it TRANSFORMERS 5 Stars thrilling action and comic fun, I love it and Ill watch it again and again. SK


Excellent action movie. If you enjoyed transformers as a child go see this flick right away. The CGI and action scenes were amazing, and it even had some funny parts. I see some bad reviews on this movie from "critics" but they have no clue what they are talking about, as they miss the purpose and idea behind the whole movie and transformers in general. It's just great n' cool fun, enjoy :)

sickest movie ever to all the people who say its bad they must of walked into he wrong movie. Best movie ive seen

Transformers is a must see! If you don't see this at least twice, you're wasting time. This was the impossible movie to make, but they've done it. and did it accuracy and with excellence.

Thumbs all the way up!!!! Super Fantastic!!!

AMAZING movie!!! I loved it...5 stars!!!