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  My favourate

  it was good but kristen stewart was emotionless through the entire movie. boring

  love twilight its the best always watching them :)

  Just watched Tilight again. It is far and above the best of the Twilight series. The director, Catherine Hardwick had her finger, on the pulse, so to speak, of this series. I wish she had directed all the movies. I hope Breaking Dawn shows some heart.

  So I am a big fan of these books, even after seeing this movie, but this movie really missed the mark in my opinion.

i liked twilight but i LOVED Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i liked twilight but i LOVED Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  The books were amazing! I read them and couldn't put them down! They consumed me. The twilight movie was atrocious! The script was terrible...the actual filming and special effects were awful...and the acting was less than mediocre. This was more like a movie made by highschool kids who haven't yet learned their craft. Very disappointing considering how wonderful the books were. The actors need to work at conveying the emotions...I hope the other movies get better...very disappointing.

  the movie was horrible. the one thing that made me mad... VAMPIRES DONT SPARKLE. the acting was not up to par and the direction could have been much better.

good enough storyline but got boring at some parts poor special effects and some pretty bad acting exept taylor lautnor