World War Z

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  Oh my God!!! It was bad!

  I think Brad Pitt needs to either retire or do Porn films. (That's if the zombies didn't take a bit out of his anatomy!)

  Talk about lousy character development. I love how the wife and kids just sit around on the ship doing absolutely nothing whatsoever to help anybody there and then the wife is outraged when they are taken off the ship because they are absolutely useless and just wasting space and resources.

  really good movie, a much different spin on the zombie movies

  Really good movie!!! One of the best thrillers I've ever seen...definitely watch it! Watched it twice already ;)

  I enjoyed it was very done

  I didn’t have high expectations for this movie, so I wasn’t disappointed or impressed. Just an average movie.

  Loved the freshness in this movie. 3D was great.

  very entertaining....finally a good zombie minus the senseless gory scene

  Better than I expected. Brad Pitt was really good. Worth seeing on the big screen.

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