Wreck-It Ralph

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  One of the best gamer movies iv'e seen so far, I mean come on,they had SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!

  this movie was awesome i will difftenly see WREck it RAleph 2 good cast great story watch this movie .

  not an appropriate movie for young children as there is violence with the use of machine guns by the characters. also for young children it is way to overwhelming as the movie goes at a fast paste with all the action. i dont know what kind of movies are being made these days...what ever happened to the nice disney movies?? i would not give this movie a g rating. parents avoid this movie.

  So Good, very creative!!! It makes you want to run to the arcade and play video games all day long.


  really enjoyed it. great references to 80's arcades. fun.

  Absolutely love the movie sooooo funny and cute... and as a kids movie.... the story line actually makes sense....

  It was awesome espically if you watch in 3d it has a lot of variety of charachters that appear such as street fighter charachters,sonic, and more! Definitely Recommend

  that movie is awesome

  Wreck-it-Ralph is an excellent movie! The best animated film since How to Train Your Dragon. Sure it has references sure to please gamers, but the story has heart and depth and meaning far beyond mere entertainment. I highly recommend it!

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