Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Movie Poster

The worst in a string of increasingly pointless sequels to Sean S. Cunningham's crude slasher hit, this installment provided clear evidence that the slasher subgenre, already creatively dead, was no longer financially viable.

This time around, unstoppable supernatural thug Jason Voorhees -- imprisoned at the bottom of a lake by his telekinetic foe Tina in the previous film -- is reanimated yet again after being goosed by an underwater electrical cable, freeing him to stow away aboard a shipload of standard-issue obnoxious teenagers en route to Manhattan.

The title ultimately proves a bit of a cheat, since the majority of Jason's homicidal hijinks take place aboard the ship until the film's final reel, during which he pursues a handful of survivors through the streets of the Big Apple.

Thanks to heavy MPAA cuts, the mayhem is more subdued here than in any other films of the series -- splatter fans primed by the previous chapters' copious bloodletting will be left high and dry. Despite a very amusing teaser trailer that suggested that the film might be a semi-parody, writer/director Rob Hedden and company play things tediously straight.

Director: Rob Hedden
Producer(s): Randy Cheveldave
Cast: Martin Cummins, Kane Hodder, Scott Reeves, Jensen Daggett, Peter Richman, Barbara Bingham, Vincent Dupree, Sharlene Martin, Timothy Mirkovich, Amber Pawlick
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