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Cary Elwes discusses his book about making of The Princess Bride

Actor Cary Elwes rose to fame when he was chosen by director Rob Reiner to appear as the romantic lead Westley in The Princess Bride. Although the movie wasn’t a huge hit at the box office when it released in 1987, when it came out on video for... full story

Cary Elwes sued

Actor Cary Elwes, better known as Westley the funny farmhand in the 1987 romantic comedy The Princess Bride, is making news headlines for a $40,334.12 debt. Stemming back years, Elwes owes this large sum to Wells Fargo and in 2010 the financial company asked Elwes to start... full story

Kevin Costner – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

For his role as Robin Hood, Kevin Costner learned how to expertly shoot a bow and arrow but couldn’t seem to master the art of the British accent, often losing the accent completely and speaking in his normal American inflection. In fact, Costner’s poor attempt was so... full story

What’s new on Netflix this April 2016

Here's what available for streaming on Netflix this April 2016. Movies include Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Blended, Paper Towns, The Princess Bride and more! full story

Behaving Badly DVD stars Selena Gomez as teen saint

Rick Stevens, played by Nat Wolff (The Fault in Our Stars), has not had the best life up until now. His mother (Mary-Louise Parker) is a depressed alcoholic; his sister (Ashley Rickards, Awkward) strips to pay for her Stanford tuition; he calls his father (Cary Elwes) a “sperm... full story

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