Brad Pitt cares about gay rights

brad_pitt.jpgBrad Pitt is donating $100,000 to fight California’s Proposition 8, which would take away gay couples’ ability to get married. Pitt said in a statement: “No one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn’t harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8.” If the proposition is voted through, gay marriages such as those of Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi and George Takei/Brad Altman would be null and void. Pitt’s donation is the highest one to date for the anti-Proposition 8 campaign by an A-list celebrity.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Normand • September 19, 2008 @ 8:03 AM


  2. Normand • September 19, 2008 @ 8:05 AM


  3. Nancy • September 19, 2008 @ 8:22 AM

    Sorry, I don’t agree with gay marriage but, I also don’t agree that once it has been given that it should be taken back.

  4. Jo-Anne. • September 19, 2008 @ 8:44 AM

    way to go, Brad

  5. susan • September 19, 2008 @ 9:11 AM

    Nobody told me who I should or should not marry, so who the heck am I to tell them who someone else can marry. Equality for all!

  6. Francis Rodrigues • September 19, 2008 @ 9:37 AM

    I completely agree 100% with Mr. Bead Pitts statementNo one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesnt harm another and because discrimination has no place in America. I am Canadian! But I believe this is what makes the USA the greatest country in the world Approve Proposition 8, and you will be just another third world country.

  7. Mike • September 19, 2008 @ 9:53 AM

    Thank you very much Brad for taking this stand for gay marriages! You are quite right when you stated that no one has the right to deny another their life. Discrimination is totally wrong.

  8. Nancy • September 19, 2008 @ 10:45 AM

    Francis Rodrigues…you are Canadian and you think the USA is the greatest country in the world? Why do you not live there then? You should think YOUR OWN country is the “greatest country in the world”!!!!!

    Some people just don’t make ANY sense at all!!!

  9. nat • September 19, 2008 @ 11:09 AM


  10. Jane Humberstone • September 19, 2008 @ 11:16 AM

    I’m sorry but I against gay marriage; not just because this is my choice, but because all of creation is against it. God did not create Adam and Steve; he created Adam and Eve. Male and female are meant to complement each other.

  11. Anonymous • September 19, 2008 @ 11:28 AM

    Ummm… Nat. Tell me how you Know this:


    Are you assuming Francis is not from “here” (by which I think you mean Canada?
    Just asking…

  12. Anonymous • September 19, 2008 @ 11:38 AM

    good for people like him making a good infulance im gald that people in california can get married to whatever gender they love and im proud that canadians open there minds before them and francis rodrigues canada is the best place on earth!

  13. susan • September 19, 2008 @ 11:44 AM

    I have always suspected that Brad Pitt and George Clooney have a little something going. After all Angelina is bi, so why would it be surprising if her common law baby father is bi also…..he is just supporting his own people..

  14. Kristy • September 19, 2008 @ 12:47 PM

    I think whatever you chose to do with your life is your business and I think it is wonderful that gays and lesbians can marry one another – who are we to judge? In support to keep the law – you can not take it away once it has been given – good point Nancy.

  15. David • September 19, 2008 @ 2:01 PM

    Jane!! Really Adam and Steve!! Did you ever stop to think that God would support gay marriage? That the BIBLE which was written by man NOT God is wrong?

    Thank God for people like Brad Pitt who can think more openly and past the writing of narrow minded people and look to improve life anyway they can…thanks you Brad!

  16. Elle • September 19, 2008 @ 3:36 PM

    Jane – it’s your freedom of choice to not agree or believe in gay marriage, and that’s fine.

    But why do you care, and in what way does it affect your life if two men, or two women who are in love want to share life together and make a commitment to one another? I think g-d just wants people to be the way they are and to find their true selves…

  17. Khristopher • September 19, 2008 @ 4:13 PM

    Way to go Brad! I only respect you even more now! 🙂

  18. Carmen Blondin • September 19, 2008 @ 4:30 PM

    Way to go Brad. I agree 100%. Who are we to tell others how they should live there lives. As long as they are not bothering anyone. I say go ahead.

  19. Sonny • September 19, 2008 @ 5:12 PM

    Equality for all!

  20. james • September 19, 2008 @ 6:30 PM

    it’s about time and who cares if gay people want to get married. it’s a life choice who we want to be with and no one or should there be a law out there stopping us. Way to go Brad

  21. Anonymous • September 19, 2008 @ 11:51 PM

    jane needs to take a step back and realize how insulting her comment was to many people

  22. Ash • September 20, 2008 @ 3:21 AM

    some people also need to be respectful of jane’s comment. it is a religious view and she has a right to her religious or personal views.
    I want gays/lesbian/straights to all be happy but I do not like or agree with what they are doing. in my mind it messes with the way things should be and with the definition of marriage. if they are to be allowed to ‘wed’ let it be called something different don’t try and change the definition of a word that’s been around for ages.
    The last thing that should be done is give and take away though. that’s mean. it’s like giving a blind person back his sight and then taking it away again.

  23. Arnold • September 20, 2008 @ 9:04 AM

    I agree with everything, everyone has said until someone come along and says something else.

  24. Jo-Anne. • September 20, 2008 @ 12:06 PM

    come on, did Brad Pitt vote for himself (321 times) on the poll above?

  25. Nancy • September 20, 2008 @ 6:04 PM

    idk. All I know is I voted for Johnny Depp….TWICE!!!

  26. tributegirl • September 21, 2008 @ 9:56 AM

    Jane & Ash, I have to agree with the both of you, although what Nancy said is right about not taking something away once it is given.

    Good points from everyone on here actually, maybe we can have an open, respectful discussion to help each other see both sides of this issue? Just a thought, but I think it’s a great idea to be open minded to both sides.

  27. marvel man • September 22, 2008 @ 1:35 AM

    I respect and applaud Brad Pitt’s donation. It’s really great to see a celebrity who’s out to really make a difference and put his money where his mouth is. However, it’s a little disappointing that his donation is the highest from an “A-List” Celebrity. I was surprised the newly married Ellen Degeneres hadn’t donated any money, considering if Prop. 8 passes her brand new marriage will be null and void. Rosie O’Donnell is another proudly gay celebrity whose has yet to donate to the cause. Same with Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris, and Elton John. All of these celebrities have yet to donate to a cause so personal to them. I’m not saying Brad Pitts generous donation isn’t important because he’s not gay, it just surprised me to hear that no prominently gay celebrity has chosen to donate. I’m openly gay and feel so lucky to be living in Canada, where gay marriage is legal.

  28. Jo-Anne. • September 22, 2008 @ 7:53 AM

    Good comments, marvel man
    And maybe this very generous Pitt donation will spur others on to do likewise. And don’t count out that perhaps they already have donated, just a lower amount and the press chose to highlight Brad’s as he does generate a lot of attention whenever he does something newsworthy.

  29. tributegirl • September 22, 2008 @ 9:58 AM

    Marvel Man, I was actually wondering the same thing, especially Ellen as she recently married. I believe Rosie lives in Florida, and Elton is British, so even though it is something I would expect them to be extremely interested in fighting, with Ellen and George being famous and living in California, I would have expected them to donate a huge amount of cash and to become very verbal in the press. But I haven’t seen either of them speaking out about this at all.

  30. Canadian girl • September 22, 2008 @ 7:52 PM

    I agree that no one should discriminate against others and everyone should be entitled to whatever it is they choose as long as it doesn’t break the law.

    But I am Canadian so was the other person above who said “The USA is the greatest country in the world” lmao!! I don’t agree with that as I prefer our country over the USA. There are so many bad choices they make there and our soldiers are being killed finishing the war that the USA and Bin Laden started. It shouldn’t be our responsibility because it has been proven that George Bush was in cahouts with Bin Laden, September 11th, Sadamm Husein and all the Kuwait, Iraq and Afghainistan stuff.

    It is also true that some people that live in our country cheer for the other side in the war and I feel that is highly unfair. I agree with nat and Nancy that Francis Rodrigues should go to the US if she or he believes that the US is the best country in the world… because atleast there the residents of the USA would agree with you and you wouldn’t be yet another hypocrite and Canadian who is pro american.

    By The way you forget that Canadians are looked at one of the nicest and caring people in the world and every year Canada is voted as one of the best places to live and we are always much higher on that list than the USA as it is way too populated there anyway.

    I do commend the troops though and they are only doing what they are taught to do.

  31. Canadian girl • September 22, 2008 @ 8:09 PM

    I do agree with Ash though that gays/lesbians should be allowed to be together but it does go against the true definition of marriage and if the Bible isn’t true as David says than why are some religions and churches against gay marriage.

    I believe that people should be with who they want to but marriage is clearly defined how it is supposed to be. i also agree with Nancy that you you give somethi8ng you can’t take it away or you are nothing better than the politicians who lie to people just to get votes and never do what they say after they are elected.

    Sure we get to vote but I sometimes feel like we are voting for the Liberals or NDp just because we don’t want the Conservatives to get it but not because it is the party we want to get it. This is shown as some people regardless of whether it is Canada the USA or some other country as people puropsely wreck their ballots when they vote rather than vote for 1 person or party.

    I voted for Steven Harper last time but I won’t be voting for him this time as I don’t see him doing anything that he says. He oviously isn’t that confident in his minority government if he is being accused of things and feeling that he has to call an election.

  32. Brian • September 23, 2008 @ 9:35 AM

    Go Brad! Excellent stance. Hopefully it will rub off. We have that in Canada (same-sex marriage) and we are not suffering, we are still Proud and Free – and proud that we are helping to lead the world in change!

  33. marvel man • September 23, 2008 @ 12:58 PM

    Ash, I can’t see how granting gays/lesbians the right to “wed” without it being acknowledged as a legitimate and legal marriage would solve any problems. I would think it would do more harm than good. I realize that in the Bible marriage is described as being between a man and a woman. And that worked. Back then. When men married women. But now we live in a different time. A time where men want to marry men and women want to marry women. We’re not talking about abolishing marriage for everyone just because gays/lesbians want to get married, we’re simply talking about re-defining what the word marriage means. We can re-define that word to include gay/lesbian couples while still maintaining the sacred meaning of an ever-lasting bond between two people who are very much in love. I understand that people still have many reservations about allowing gays/lesbians the right to marry but, to be blunt, get over it. We’re not going anywhere.

    It was also reported today that famed director Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw donated $100,000.00 to help strike Prop. 8 in California. Way to go Steven!

  34. Nancy • September 23, 2008 @ 1:09 PM

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Spielberg and all and think it is great when they donate to all the causes but, for these stars (I know they donate to several charites), $100,000 is not alot compared to their income. I mean, no one praises the rest of us when we throw our spare change into the charity container at the corner store and when you look at the income to donation ratio, our spare change is probably greater than their $100,000.

  35. DonnaS • September 24, 2008 @ 8:35 PM

    Marriage as defined by the bible describes a man and a woman who live their live devoted to *God* and each other. I don’t know that most married couples prescribe to this notion of marriage, and so their unions should be considered null and void as well. I mean, as long as we’re discussing the true “meaning” of the word marriage. For all intents and purposes, the law treats modern marriage as a financial arrangement. Why shouldn’t we all be able to partake in the contract of marriage if we choose? Perhaps we should redefine the “religiously devout and church sanctioned married couple” as married, and give everyone else a different word to describe their contractual obligations to each other. But wait, that wouldn’t work, because then we’d have to define what “devoted to God” meant. This is too confusing for me. It’s probably best I leave these things to the proper religious authorities who are always right and know what’s best for everyone else.

  36. Nancy • September 24, 2008 @ 9:55 PM

    Well, I don’t agree with it but, that’s just me. I don’t have a problem with gays/lesbians, I just don’t agree, that’s all. Who am I to judge? That’s God’s job!!

  37. Nancy • September 24, 2008 @ 9:56 PM

    Just as I will be judged, as well…and all of you too.

  38. Me • October 13, 2008 @ 4:15 AM

    Thank GOD someone of his stature who totally has no need to take stand on something like this is doing so. It just comes to show how the old way of thinking just doesn’t hold up anymore. No one should have their right to marry taken away, gay not gay, shouldn’t matter

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