Carrie Fisher wished she could have played Han Solo

In a recent interview on the British Today Show, Carrie Fisher quipped: "I wanted to play Han Solo because it was the best part."

However, she went on to say she enjoyed being part of the Star Wars movies, saying, "I was 19. It was really fun to do (but) I didn't ever really want to be an actress. It's not like anything before it, it was just this kind of event, and it was a fairy tale with creatures in it we hadn't seen before."

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  1. Wendy • December 29, 2016 @ 10:43 AM

    She was an amazing person, slim and pretty. But life was never kind to her, drugs and mental illness changed her.

    I still saw a person who made Star Wars a reality of fiction, in action figures and make believe.

    I watched, and rewatched these movies over and over again. I enjoyed Carrie’s role as Leia, we all wanted to be her.

    The Reprisal roles of her in Star Wars: Force awakens (I watched) and a new one coming out in 2017 will be a memory (keep sake).

    But the true likeness of Carrie can never be replaced and I hope Star Wars can create a memoir of her character in future movies. đŸ˜¢

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