Most Obnoxious Reality Shows

Ever since Survivor hit the airwaves in 2000, TV viewers have been consumed by shows that document supposedly unscripted and authentic real-life situations. Watching average people partake in outrageous contests (Fear Factor, anyone?) and two privileged, spoiled and utterly hilarious brats try The Simple Life (bless Paris and Nicole) were forms of entertainment audiences hadn’t been granted before. But with the good shows — and the so-bad-they-were-good shows — came some ludicrous programs that had us all shaking our heads.

Check out our list of the most obnoxious reality shows. Some were (rightfully) cancelled after a single season, while others surprisingly still have an unfortunate following. Either way, read on for a laugh…or a reason to seriously doubt the state of our society. ~Matthew Pariselli and Shelby Morton

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  1. coach • July 21, 2016 @ 2:46 AM

    I agree and her life is still a mess. She’s a duck-lip selfie addict though she claims she wants privacy and makes her money living off child support & selling pics of her spawn to any tabloid that will pay. She admitted on her failure of a show she was a bad mom. Hypocritical trailer trash!

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