Most Underrated Actors

Picture this. You’re sitting on your couch, feet up, eating popcorn, watching a movie on Netflix. You quickly note to yourself how great the performance of a certain actor is. Before you know it, you’re welling up at the sheer genius of his talent. You think, this guy was surely nominated for an Oscar or something. You, naturally, Google him and discover, to your utter dismay, that he was only nominated for a Golden Globe once back in 1997. This, unfortunately, is not a rare discovery; it happens all too often in the social hierarchy we call the movie business. Yes, awards are not everything. But they’re pretty important. Whether it’s lack of awards recognition, lack of “prestige” roles (i.e. Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant), or simply lack of media coverage, these are the actors who just don’t get the attention or acclaim they darn-well deserve. ~Shelby Morton

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