Minority Report (2002)

Not only did this movie predict touch screen technology, but there was a scene in which John (Tom Cruise) is walking through a mall filled with projections that detect his face and target their ads specifically for him: "John Anderton, you could use a Guinness right now." Creepy? Definitely. But we actually have targeted ads in our online world, like on Facebook. The only difference is our technology uses our cookies to figure out which ads to show us, not our faces, thankfully.

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  1. Polly • September 14, 2018 @ 1:42 PM

    Nadream70 its definitely been proven that reality tv didn’t actualy become “mainstream” til the 2000’s. So yeah there’s been reality tv BEFORE truman but it didn’t become super relevant in our society til just after.

    it’s aslo fair to say that we indulge in reality tv just like the watchers of truman did because something like the real world was more like entertainment, but now we watch things like real house wives or kardashian whatever and we’re actually invested like we think we know these people, their our friends, ect. we buy their products, we make them famous on social media. Its a completely different realm you know? very interesting….

  2. Nadream70 • September 14, 2018 @ 10:44 AM

    Re: The Truman Show – have you heard of The Real World on MTV. This reality show pre dates TTS by, at least, five years.

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