Travolta compares himself to Elvis

John Travolta is riding high—at least, according to him. He boasts he’s as big a star as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe—but has been able to survive celebrity because of his religion. “I have fame on the level of a Marilyn Monroe or an Elvis, but part of the reason I didn’t go the way they did was because of my beliefs,” Travolta told the Irish Independent. Travolta is a Scientologist, and says, “People make judgments about it, but often they don’t know what they’re talking about. I would advise anyone who wants to know about it to read up on it.”

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  1. Russ wayne • July 10, 2015 @ 5:34 PM

    Mr. Travolta you could not hold a candle to Elvis Presley your looks,your talents, not even close my friend.However to compare yourself to The fame of Marilyn Monroe,once again Caitlyn Jenner is way ahead of you and she had to lose her genitalia. You don’t have the balls to begin Mr. Egotistical Sap. Where are your academy awards or any awards for that matter?” Little Tommy Cruise!”is another star, that’s way ahead of you my friend.

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