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Jennifer Ehle

Date of Birth: December 29,1969

Although best known for her brilliant portrayal of England's confident and witty Elizabeth Bennet from A&E's Pride and Prejudice, Jennifer is not British. The daughter of novelist John Ehle and actress Rosemary Harris, Jennifer was actually born in North Carolina. Due to her mother's frequent moves, she didn't spend much time there. Jennifer had to change schools 18 times.

She attended London's Central School of Speech and Drama, but dropped out in her final term when Sir Peter Hall offered her a leading role in Channel 4's production of The Camomile Lawn (with her mother playing her character aged).

Her first movie role was as Cynthia Powell (John Lennon's first wife) in 1993's Backbeat. She was in several Alan Bleasdale Presents television productions and won acclaim as the slain army wife Penny McAllister in Beyond Reason.

The first time most American audiences were introduced to Jennifer was in January of 1996, when A&E showed the BBC/A&E production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Her role as Elizabeth Bennet won her a 1996 BAFTA award as Best Actress. In her acceptance speech she joked, "Half of this award should go to my wigs."

Jennifer also has done theater work. She was seen in Tartuffe in the West End and has performed as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company in such roles as Lady Anne in Richard III, Amanda in The Relapse, and Serafina in The Painter of Dishonour.

Jennifer has been romantically linked with costars such as Toby Stephens, during The Camomile Lawn and Colin Firth (when they were filming Pride and Prejudice).

Jennifer continues to seek roles outside of the Hollywood spotlight. Films such as Paradise Road (1997), A Good Baby (1998) and Bedroom and Hallways (1998) have each been blessed with her powerful performances, but receive little attention from the general audience. As for Jennifer, it doesn't seem to bother her. In Sunshine (1999), she once again played alongside her mother, Rosemary Harris. Nonetheless, over the years Jennifer has managed to land roles in several critically-acclaimed blockbusters, such as Oscar winner The King's Speech (2010) and nominee The Ides of March (2011).

Some of Jennifer's recent credits include the political thriller Zero Dark Thirty (2013), the 2014 remake RoboCop , the controversial film Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), the drama Little Men (2016) with Greg Kinnear and the third in the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed (2018)

She also played Vinnie Dickinson in the Emily Dickinson biopic A Quiet Passion (2017), which stars Cynthia Nixon in the title role.

Jennifer lives in the London area.

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