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Julia Sweeney

Date of Birth: October 10, 1961

How many people can boast that they've received an official complaint from Hillary Clinton? No matter the number, Julia Sweeney can count herself among them. Bill Clinton's first lady complained to NBC following Sweeney's impression of their daughter Chelsea on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

The daughter of actor Robert Sweeney, Julia began her career in entertainment in a peculiar fashion: as an accountant. She worked in the accounting department at Columbia Pictures in the mid-eighties after graduation. She then ignored that calling to join the improv troupe The Groundlings, who also count late night's Conan O'Brien and Friends' Lisa Kudrow as ex-members. It was during her stint in The Groundlings that Sweeney developed her most famous character, androgynous Pat. That weird creation got Sweeney a foot in the door at NBC and led to her being cast in Saturday Night Live. However, success has evaded Sweeney on the big screen and her first attempt, the It's Pat movie based on her character, was a resounding dud. At the time, Sweeney didn't really care what happened to the movie though. She'd just learned she had cervical cancer.

She survived the ordeal only to find her brother was diagnosed with cancer as well, terminal in his case, that same year. Sweeney and her parents lived together for some time, taking care of her brother. She turned that experience into a play entitled God Said Ha!, that also became a movie, executive produced by Quentin Tarantino, a close pal who had cast Sweeney in a small role in Pulp Fiction.

For a while she was married to fellow actor Stephen Dibert but they divorced in 1993. Since 2002, Sweeney has mostly worked in theater.

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