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Current Rating: 3.03

Current Rating: 3.03

based on 242 votes and 80 reviews

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  • 3 stars This movie could have been much better but the casting makes it almost unwatchable. Other than Michael Fassbender, who is brilliant and actually saves the movie, the rest of the cast is mediocre to absolutely horrendous. Danny McBride playing the old cliche redneck space jockey complete with cowboy hat is tired and overdone in so many sci-fi movies. Please stick to comedies Danny, you're not cut out for anything else. The lead female, Katherine Waterston, is equally terrible as she whines and sniffles through her dialogue. Wish they could have cloned Sigourney Weaver and brought her in to play this role. Anyway, overlooking the acting, it does give an explanation as to how the Alien came to be and a starting point to the original movie so for that it is worth watching if you are a fan of the series.
  • 4 stars This was a good movie with an excellent plot and special effects. Unfortunately, Katherine Waterston's acting was exceptionally irritating and marred the entire film with her 'I am going to break down and cry' look that prevailed through out the entire movie. Still , I rated the movie at four stars as it is entertaining.
  • 5 stars Awesome movie from start to finish!
  • 2 stars This movie had potential to be great but it was ruined by poor acting and lousy character development. Absolutely every character is lacking a shred of intelligence and it's actually irritating to watch them stumble from catastrophe to another. The lead female character is always on the verge of tears and not very convincing in her role. Disappointing.
  • 1 stars Its garbage. It fails to connect with its audience and has lost sight of what an Alien movie is supposed to be about. Instead it's focus is predictable plot twists that couldnt fool a developmentally delayed primate.
  • 4 stars great movie ... maybe some people didnt get it but thats ok.
  • 1 stars I fast forwarded it to about the last ten minutes. Yup. Buff said.
  • 1 stars Waste of time and money.
  • 2 stars Such a disappointment. This movie was swiss cheese. I was so disappointed. Waste my time.
  • 4 stars Alien explained a lot more than the previous pics. So this is like Star Wars in that this explains the beginning.

Alien: Covenant

Genre:  Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller
Running Time:  122 min.
Release Date: May 19, 2017
DVD: August 15, 2017
Blu-ray: August 15, 2017
Digital: August 1, 2017
Netflix: June 1, 2019

Current rating: Rating: 3.03
based on 242 votes and 80 reviews
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Cast: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Amy Seimetz, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, Benjamin Rigby, Uli Latukefu