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Current Rating: 3.45

Current Rating: 3.45

based on 97 votes and 12 reviews

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  • This movie should get zero stars. Nasty spin!
  • excellent direction and excellent acting - we know Zan Calabretta personally and continue to be amazed at his acting skills
  • This movie was so unrealistic that I wanted to puke. I served in Iraq in 2003-04 and I am outraged and insulted by the erroneous and nearly slap-stick situations. The soldiers faced nearly 30 r.p.g. attacks in one day. that is excluding small arms fire. 15 r.p.g. attacks happened before noon. The acting was like eating crackers in the desert, dry. I was furious that before one of the soldiers was going to die he asked another soldier to tell his mother something but he was interrupted by another soldier who couldn`t control his emotions and then he died, so the mother will never get the message. Then later in the film they used his dead body
  • Well first of all, the movie was very inbelieveable, I am in the military and we never go too far with out extra support, so I find it hard to believe that for this long period of time, OUR Army went that long without any backup or air support, so once again, hollywood has made another unbelieveable flop, and non military citizens will no doubt believe that this is how we conduct business and another thing, "Our Warrior Ethos", tells us to "NEVER LEAVE A FALLEN COMRAD", this means we take our own dead. So I would say if you really want to see and know the truth, talk to a real soldier.
  • Unfortunately, as an American (Former Army) I can say that the acting was ok for new actors and I wish then well in their career. However, whoever was the advisor for the tactics never served in combat. The unit acted like one just out of basic training. They had no teamwork. Neither side could hit anything. The entire US military support disappeared for the length of this movie. They made bad decisions over and over. And don`t even get me started about the prisoners. If you want to watch and see the spirit of the American Soldier from your couch then watch Band of Brothers or Blackhawk Down, because that is as close as you`ll get. This reall
  • really dumb , but superior to those even dumber, mainstream Hollywood movies which are produced only as commercial products to generate lots of money.
  • MOst of this movie was acceptable & entertaiing. However, the part about the `CIA Torture` squad was farcical. Why can`t film-makers these days simple produce a movie that is for entertainment only, and not politically-motivated. The film must have been financed by that Great American Poltical Party (a.k.a. ` Hollywood`). For decades now, ever since the 1950s & Joe McCarthy`s days they have been produced films which depict The U.S.A. -- it`s government and/or its agencies has been anathema to them. I don`t like paying money to see propaganda, but merely to be entertained. KEG.
  • Great and very entertaining. Good performances by all the actors, especially Zan Calabretta. His portrayal of a young soldier was incredible.
  • i think the movie, american soldiers is an excellent movie,acted by young unknown actors,hopefully these actors will be given an opportunity to enhance their careers.
  • Great performances! From a young cast.

American Soldiers

Genre:  Action/Adventure
Release Date: February 17, 2006 (limited)
DVD: May 16, 2006

Current rating: Rating: 3.45
based on 97 votes and 12 reviews
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Cast: Curtis Morgan, Zan Calabretta, Jordan Brown, Eddie Della Siepe, Shaun Garrett, Paul Sturino, Brett Ryan, Ben Gilbank

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