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Current Rating: 2.80

Current Rating: 2.80

based on 70 votes and 31 reviews

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  • Complete fear mongering propaganda. Newsflash Gore's home burns 21x more electricity than the average home owner. Most electricity in the grid comes from fossil fuels (coal). He's a complete hypocrite and a scam artist! Search in any search engine if you don't believe me.
  • 5 stars This movie is a MUST-SEE FOR ALL. It is NOT "Fake news" as someone else on here said - Pray tell, how is it "fake"?? How are live scenes of Miami rising tides with fish swimming in the streets (why is this our 1st time seeing it??), rain bombs, severe droughts, massive wildfires, and winter melting icebergs at the poles, ETC. FAKE? The movie also shows real solutions coming about-massive solar power panel fields... It is time for all of humanity collectively to WAKE UP and get on board with putting our environment FIRST.
  • 2 stars missed the mark ,compared to the first movie .
  • 1 stars Hook, line and sinker. They've duped us all into paying tax on one of the most common elements on the planet. And that's what this is all about = The rich (Mr. Gore and his chums) get richer.
  • 5 stars There's 1 angry troll on here, we see his brief hateful comments repeatedly, same style, also used the word "trash" in two separate comments, don't fall for it, this was a 5 star movie!
  • 5 stars The film is hard to watch, very frightening. The scenes of Super Typhoon Haiyan are like nothing I have ever seen. The mayor's phone video of his escape through the roof of the building as the water rose were terrifying. The scenes of roads in India so hot that people's shoes get stuck when they try to walk - how can people look at this and do nothing? How can we allow this to continue, and to escalate?
  • 5 stars Going to see the movie; have the book and it is AMAZING. There are photos, statistics, personal profiles/testimonies (workers in the environmental field) and listed informational sources in this book. All of this and the SCIENCE is UNDENIABLE. This is SERIOUS STUFF. Uneducated Trump supporters on here (He "loves the uneducated") are continually trying to destroy this country in one way or another, and in these ratings they're trying to get you to not see the movie PLS SEE IT FOR YOURSELF, or get the book. $15.49 at Costco.
  • 1 stars Anyone who says, "The science is done. The debate is over." Does not know the first thing about science. It's always open for investigation no matter how widely believe a theory is or how long it's been believed. Always be leery when a rich politician becomes the mouthpiece for science. This is a case of the biggest mouth and not the biggest brain. Social manipulation at it's greatest.
  • 1 stars Al will go down as one of the greatest hucksters in history. He has never debated or allowed himself to be interviewed by any climatologist who wants him to prove his claims. Lying sack of you know what. This one won't get the play or the dough the last one gained him.
  • 1 stars Money making scheme for Al (I invented the internet and global warming) Gore. Pure disappointing propaganda. This distracts from much more worthy and critical environmental causes.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Genre:  Documentary
Running Time:  98 min.
In theatres: August 4, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 2.80
based on 70 votes and 31 reviews
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Cast: Al Gore