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Current Rating: 2.54

Current Rating: 2.54

based on 110 votes and 48 reviews

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  • 1 stars More propaganda and lies from the criminal Al Gore
  • 5 stars This is a fascinating and sobering movie. Al Gore manages to lay our dire circumstances out on the table with incredible clarity, while also inspiring hope that we could still turn things in a different direction. I am planning on seeing it again and I'm glad I took my teenaged daughters with me the first time. They loved it.
  • 1 stars Horrible predictable nonsense, nothing but a fundraiser for Gore so he can finance his HUGE carbon footprint. Save your money.
  • 1 stars Same tired ravings from a delusional mind. So none of his dire predictions came even remotely close to happening since the last movie, but he has the audacity of make a sequel? These people most definitely do not have any shame. I read something about Al Gore: The energy needed to heat the pool in ONE of his five houses uses up about 5x as much energy as the average person uses all year. That should tell you all you need to know about Al Gore and his concern for the planet.
  • pure, unadulterated fraud. He'll probably get another academy award.
  • 1 stars Unscientific gobbledygook. We should have been under water a few years ago according to Gore.
  • 1 stars A lot of mindless stupidity packed into one movie. I'm surprised Al "we only have 10 years" Gore has the 'nads to try and pull the wool over his flock's eyes one more time.
  • 5 stars See "An Inconvenient Truth" - released @ 2006', and then see "An Inconvenient Sequel" and then see for yourselves what world's greatest climate scientists have been saying for years. Start with reading the cover feature article "The Doomed Earth Catalog" by David Wallace-Wells in New York Magazine, July 10-23, 2017. Then try to recall this: Where were you at 400 ppm?
  • 1 stars The usual left wing trolls will call anyone questioning the bad science and then run away, but when was the last time you actually saw a science debate where a climate alarmist debated anyone? Is that not the basis of science? argue, debate, analyze until all the questions are answered and the only thing remaining is the truth. If Gore would debate a Dr. Tim Ball, or a Dr. Judith Curry, or even a statistician who understands charts, I might give him leeway, but the man is a huckster, pure and simple. As a school teacher, I do not recommend this movie. It is dollop for the simple minded and not good for children. Critical skills are not enhanced by being told to believe lies. That's called religion.
  • 1 stars Boring

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Genre:  Documentary
Running Time:  98 min.
Release Date: August 4, 2017
DVD/Blu-ray: October 24, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 2.54
based on 110 votes and 48 reviews
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Cast: Al Gore