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Current Rating: 3.30

Current Rating: 3.30

based on 226 votes and 95 reviews

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  • 1 stars Wait for it to come to TV. Not worth paying money for this one.
  • 1 stars George Lucas was partly right with THX1138 - except that people WANT to buy violence and fantasy, there is no need for govt violence propaganda when so many people are willing to pay for it. At least better Bond films focused on a plot with good action, acting and techno - this movie spews violence and peddles lez porn just to seem hip & relevant as a poor substitute to actual plot and chrachter motives. what a waste of time & star only becasue zero stars is not allowed
  • 4 stars Excellent Jane Bond flick, awesome soundtrack, nice twist, good action. A fun romp. If you are looking for Shakespeare look elsewhere, if you love action escapism this is it.
  • 5 stars Great popcorn flick!
  • 5 stars Fantastic action movie with a great female lead too. Also, the soundtrack is so awesome. I hope they make more of these. I would watch them over the new James Bond movies any day
  • 5 stars So out of character for Charlize Theron to make an action movie, but in a good way. She's the Bruce Lee of glam movie stars. Good story, riveting acting and non-stop violence. Wow! (and easy on the eyes) She's the female version of Tom Cruise. (without the nuttiness) Impressive achievement, l have a whole new respect for her.
  • 4 stars Really enjoyed the plot. Lots of great action & good 👊👩fight scenes.
  • What a load of junk. I expect more from this cast!?
  • 3 stars I enjoyed this - in spite of the negative reviews. Yes it was on the edge with some girl-on-girl (Shouldn't be an issue these days - right ?). Yes it had nudity and a lot of smoking scenes and yes it was very violent. But this was a hard core bond style action movie. You know, where the hero is indestructible and can take bullets and a beating and still kick butt and look good (ish) doing it. I agree the triple twisting dismount at the end was bewildering but it does open up to a series doesn't it?
  • 2 stars This was my husbands pick and even he was disappointed and never really figured out the story line. As for me Charlize Theron is beautiful as ever, the shoes all through were spectacular but beyond that there was so much smoking I have to think it was sponsored by a cigarette company and very violent scenes after awhile I just shut down and started working on my to do list in my head....

Atomic Blonde

Genre:  Action/Adventure, Thriller
Running Time:  115 min.
Release Date: July 28, 2017
DVD/Blu-ray: November 14, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 3.30
based on 226 votes and 95 reviews
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Cast: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Til Schweiger, Eddie Marsan, Sofia Boutella, Toby Jones