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Current Rating: 3.48

Current Rating: 3.48

based on 54 votes and 17 reviews

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  • 2 stars The core of the story was accurate portrayal of the time....I lived through it all. I was just so disappointed that it was used as a racist platform to promote hate and distrust. It could have been ground breaking look at how far we've come....instead I walked out feeling hopeless
  • 5 stars Spike Lee's latest effort is a riveting one and an important one. The 1970s saw a black power pushback that forms a part of the subject matter for this film. In the end, the historical interest is overridden by a reversion in current times to the more racist attitudes of another era. A nervous time lies ahead. A powerful bob.....93/100
  • 5 stars Must see- powerful yet sad but with humorous looks at race, individuals and society- parents should watch and discuss with HS age children. Great performances by all. One of the best movies I have ever seen. If you care about the future of the US see this and reflect on our identity and who we are and want to be as a nation.
  • 5 stars Spike Lee is America's nemesis. Necessary intervention/tonic at the right time-- a must see.
  • 4 stars A very entertaining look at what still has to be one of the strangest police operations in history. Who watches this? I do, I do! And I will again. For some reason it's got a listing as a comedy: No! It has comedic elements, but is not a comedy. And of course it's highly relevant now. Release was one year after the Charlottesville incident; not a coincidence. The Oscar race is on, and if by some slim chance this one got the award, it would not be the worst film ever to do so by any means. Yeah - By Any Means Necessary. Good one, Mr Lee. And Mr Washington the younger. And all the rest of this good company
  • 5 stars One of Spike Lee's finest films. TImely film, deftly weaves drama and humor. Must see.
  • 1 stars I'm open minded for sure being Latin, but this film is so racist and that its uncomfortable. Its funny that is why I give it 1 star, but we do not need to keep insulting each other with race & religion hateful remarks. Its 2018 for goodness sake! We should evolve and respect each others uniqueness by now. If you love and respect others and don't judge your fellow neighbor, then this movie will insult you. It should have been a serious movie not a comedy since this is a very serious topic.
  • 5 stars Good movie Spike.
  • 5 stars If you're an ignorant racist you won't like the movie . I thought it was Great . PS . (I'm white)
  • 5 stars I have been a Spike Lee fan since the 80s. This is by far one of the best films directed by Spike Lee. Mr. Lee mixed a bit of comedy to lighten up The seriousness of the film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This unfortunately was our past and sadly is our current state of America. I appreciate Spike Lee’s creative insight.


Genre:  Comedy
Running Time:  135 min.
In theatres: August 10, 2018

Current rating: Rating: 3.48
based on 54 votes and 17 reviews
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Cast: John David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier, Topher Grace