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Current Rating: 3.87

Current Rating: 3.87

based on 7714 votes and 82 reviews

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  • it was alright, the previews made it look scarier
  • It was a great movie. Very spooky and frightening. The only problem was that Anna P. spoke very quietly and you couln`t hear her very well over the movie`s soundtrack. The grandfather`s accent made it difficult to understand what he said as well.
  • This movie had potential but it was ultimately ruined by bad editing. However, it`s a good rental for an uneventful Friday evening.
  • This movie was just an excuse to see Anna Paquin in a vacini
  • Great DVD on a dark winter night for those who truely understand how the spirit world works. It is a true clear depiction of the underworld as it is now and forever. So, look deep in your souls to feel the greatness of this stupid piece of film.
  • This movie had so much potential but it is ruined by poor American editing. It was good to see Anna Paquin in a bacini and in the bathtub however.
  • This haunted house flick is suspenseful, psycological and has a few jumps here and there. It has famous Spanish actors like Ian Glen who plays the father, Lena Olin who plays the mother and Giovanni Cardellini as the grandfather. Lena Olin plays a scientist who works for Giovanni Cardellini and that is how she met Ian Glen. Giovanni is currently working in Spain and Lena decides to move to Spain so that the family can be together and she can work on the Spain project. But Ian starts to have strange seizures, Lena discovers a picture of three hagish women, Anna Paquin keeps on seeing a shadowy figure walking at night and the little boy draws p
  • This is the Spanish Director`s film debut and it is a great haunted house horror flick.
  • The international version is the best horror movie I`ve ever seen. I`ve heard the american version is less than wonderful, so if that is what you`ve seen, you`ve missed something good.
  • I`m sorry this was the WORST movie I have seen...Wasted 10 bucks when I could have spent it on something worth while.


Genre:  Horror
Running Time:  102 min.
Release Date: December 25, 2004
DVD: April 26, 2005

Current rating: Rating: 3.87
based on 7714 votes and 82 reviews
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Cast: Anna Paquin, Lena Olin, Iain Glen, Giancarlo Giannini, Stephan Enquist