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4.06 / 5

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  • User rating: 4.06 55.12%
  • User rating: 4.06 21.26%
  • User rating: 4.06 7.87%
  • User rating: 4.06 6.30%
  • User rating: 4.06 9.45%

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User review rating: 4 May 22, 2012

awesome thriller - jackman is great in this film!

User review rating: 3 January 25, 2010

Good movie. Lots of intensity. Great actiong. the only problem was that the ending sucked - the alternative ending on the DVD was far better. Hugh Jackman plays a good "bad guy".

User review rating: 0 August 15, 2008

A good movie worth mentioning. Also a great cast. Look for more of my reviews. E.B.A.

User review rating: 0 May 12, 2008

deception, it depends of the point of view, this wknd I saw that movie again..ur correct..there are better movies, with better actors

User review rating: 0 April 30, 2008

poor acting.... slow begining....very predictible....not a very good movie overall. Go see something else.

User review rating: 0 April 30, 2008

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it was going to be an excellent movie. And I wasn't disappointed. This is the best psychological thrillers to come out of Hollywood in a LONG time. I'm usually good at predicting the outcome of most movies, but the twists in this one kept me guessing from beginning to end when the storyline pretty much just turned to me and said, "HEY! I'm over here!" A solid 4-stars from me.

User review rating: 0 April 29, 2008

awesome movie!!! original and interesting. if you are a real movie buff, this is for you. if you are expecting car chases and loads of guns (like some of the other commenters who don't know what a good movie is) then it is not for you. For the mature movie connoisseur, this is a keeper!

User review rating: 0 April 26, 2008

Hugh Jackman great villain.

User review rating: 0 April 26, 2008

Not a good movie. Don't waste your time with this one.

User review rating: 0 April 26, 2008

I really did not enjoy this movie at all. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

User review rating: 0 April 26, 2008

This movie was absolutely amazing. It is loaded with twists and completely unpredictable. Just when you think it's going to end, there's another twist! This goes on quite a lot so it's well worth the movie ticket. Buying it on DVD when it comes out is a pretty good idea as well. And those who bash the movie most likely didn't understand it and are frustrated. Here's a hint: don't watch it if you're slow. Easily the best movie I've seen in a long time. And I've seen a lot of movies.

User review rating: 0 April 25, 2008

Is it possible for me to give this less than one star? Because it deserves it. Considering all of the big name actors in this movie, I expected something good. But this movie is brutal. The story doesn’t make sense, and the characters make the dumbest decision. I don’t know what Ewan, Hugh and Michelle were thinking when they signed up for this monumental piece of crap. Easily the worst movie I’ve seen this year.

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