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Current Rating: 2.90

Current Rating: 2.90

based on 240 votes and 83 reviews

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  • 1 stars Sophomoric would giving this movie too much gravitas. It's a movie about 6th graders who want to learn how to kiss. There is virtually no plot, no point. It is rated R for language and the occasional sex toy. I went with a friend but if had just been me I would have left and caught an early dinner. It will be on TBS soon enough. Watch it over your shoulder while doing the dishes. That would be plenty.
  • 4 stars Funny film but hopefully next time they will find better actors to play alongside Jacob Tremblay - especially the kid who looks like an evil version of Gary Coleman. Pushing limits is what makes this film funny but the pushing limits in the language area was not the best way to go as it was like a joke told too many times. Fortunately, there will be a chance for them to get it right as a sequel is on the way. 7th grade will certaintly be better than 6th grade next time around.
  • 1 stars Why would anyone allow children to play in a R rated movie that are not even old enough to go see it after it's done.. Just sexual exploration of children
  • Don’t bother. As another said.... its a movie about 12yr. Olds but they can’t and shouldn’t see it. Pretty bad taste. Hope Jacob Tremblay can find better scripts in the future cause he’s too good for this kind of film. Hollywood has missed a fabulous opportunity to showcase good child actors.. where are the good writers ???
  • 5 stars Did the haters watch the traiel or just go to a movie they know nothing about one of the biggest box office movies of the summer need I say more
  • 1 stars Nothing funny whatsoever about 6th graders talking and acting this way. Something is so foul about a movie that little kids can act in but aren't allowed to actually go see in a theater in person. (R-Rating). You know that kids are for sure gonna go see this because it is a movie about kids their age. We are dropping the ball on parenting and don't even know it, if this is considered funny or entertainment. I protest this movie values.
  • 4 stars The most controversial film of the Summer and the second biggest box office hit. Love it or hate it it is a window into the world of 6th grade in 2019 America. This is not the America where most of us grew up in - in this comedy it is a multi-cultural world of drones, potheads, bad language and the kids are a night mare from the 1930's 30 rascals to the lost boys of 2019. Even the look is kind of creepy with mean Gary Coleman character leering back at you and yet, strangely enough it works at times and you can't help but keep watching. This film is just too raw to be reviewed in 2019. It will have to be set aside a decade or so to truly rate it. When the Bad News Bears came out in the 70's many people were horrified but by the 80's it was truly beloved. Expect people to be firmly divided on this picture which is it's draw- people want to see the film that is either getting the 4 stars or the 1 star. The controversy could have only been greater if these actors were retelling The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • 1 stars I left the movie around an hour into it for too many reasons to list here. Young kids constant swearing ... degenerate parents who leave a sex doll and sex toys where the kids have access to them ... date rape drugs ... crossing traffic across the busiest freeways .... on and on .... really perverted and sick.
  • 5 stars Best comedy / adventure movie I've saw in years. Yes, it DOES have a storyline and flows quite well. And yes, boys this age DO swear when not around their parents, just like in this movie. If you can't laugh, then don't go see this movie. If you want a good laugh, which most of us could use, it's a must see! For the critics: No, these kids aren't continually dropping f bombs. This movie's rated R for some of the adult props used, not a f bomb here or there. And at least the kids in this movie are riding bikes and moving, not just sitting at home playing video games, visiting social media, youtubing, or texting. That would be a boring but true movie of today's youth.
  • 1 stars I absolutely hated every single thing about this movie. From young boys dropping the F bomb every 20 seconds to the poor acting, it was atrocious. The very sad scenario of having garbage movies such as this is that eventually, it will be available for kids to somehow watch. Even though it's R rated, they will somehow see it. We wanted to leave, but thought it would surely get better. We also wanted to give it a fair review. It just kept getting worse. I would give it a minus 10 if it was an option.

Good Boys

Genre:  Comedy
Running Time:  89 min.
In theatres: August 16, 2019

Current rating: Rating: 2.90
based on 240 votes and 83 reviews
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Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon, Molly Gordon, Lil Rel Howery, Will Forte