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Current Rating: 4.29

Current Rating: 4.29

based on 210 votes and 60 reviews

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  • 4 stars A solid action film. Jennifer Garner delivers and TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4 stars This was not a chick flick, Jennifer Garner makes the action believable. She is the best female action star today, making other women action stars pale in comparison. Garner should have had a part in marvel movies. This movie had a great plot, the acting was good by all. I liked this movie.
  • 5 stars Not your run of the mill vigilante movie. Jennifer Garner is superb in the role of a woman out to even the score. She has nothing to lose, which makes her even more dangerous to those who think they can do what they want with no consequences. The bad guys find out the hard way that there are consequences. I’d see it again.
  • 5 stars Action adventures are by their nature fantasies. When they are well acted, well written and have a reasonable level of plausibility, they grow into excellent entertainment and earn excellent ratings. WELL DONE!
  • 5 stars Yes, I agree with previous ratings that Jennifer deserves an award nomination for this movie. She such a hero and a bad ass in the movie, she can play any role with such compassion and bravery.
  • 5 stars Jennifer was outstanding in this movie and should be given a award nomination. Awesome movie overall.
  • 5 stars Jennifer was great in this movie and I really enjoyed it !!! Do we have a female John Wick here? (I have the entire 'Alias' series and she was great in that at well.)
  • 5 stars The revenge on all the corrupt and devious people were so good. Some deserved more but justice was served the way she wanted them to suffer. As long as she’s satisfied, then revenge was served. Usually my friend and I fall asleep in movies, even in action movies. This movie kept our attention alive and our heart pumping. Would watch it again in theater and give the DVDs away as gifts.
  • 4 stars Jennifer is in her element with this character. Very good story as these revenge things go. Only a few fight scenes a little to far fetched. Well made and acted. If you like this genre you will like this.
  • 5 stars Excellent action and acting! Would see again in the theater. Will buy the DVD.


Genre:  Action/Adventure, Thriller
Running Time:  102 min.
In theatres: September 7, 2018
VOD/Digital: November 23, 2018
DVD/Blu-ray: December 11, 2018

Current rating: Rating: 4.29
based on 210 votes and 60 reviews
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Cast: Jennifer Garner, John Ortiz, John Gallagher Jr., Cliff "Method Man" Smith