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Current Rating: 3.31

Current Rating: 3.31

based on 1291 votes and 53 reviews

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  • 5 stars One of the funniest most entertaining action flicks I have seen in a long time. Ignore all the reviewers who misunderstood the intent of the film and just check it out.
  • I really enjoyted this movie. fast-paced, riveting, a lot of fun!
  • so good, unrelstic funny bunch of other stuff
  • Very creative. I loved this movie. One of my favorites. I don't see why everyone hated it, because it kept me guessing about what amazing stunt he would pull the next time. :) 5 stars.
  • very good... bought the dvd
  • pure crap. It is trying to be a rip off of films like Sin City and Pulp fiction. I love Clive Owen, but this movie was just stupid
  • I thought it to be a good movie. I was really satisfied.
  • no storlyine,too far-fetched..but still entertaning and fun to watch
  • Its a crazy action movie for sure. I liked it. People will either love it, or hate it. Its unfortunate people still go to action movies, or sci-fi movies expecting a Drama, or a romantic comedy. Shoot ' Em Up is funny though, its not a serious movie, but its fun and delivers on what its supposed to be, the crazy bullet riddled action movie it is. People might not like the really digital sounds or visuals, when looking to other action movies. I cant see a connection to this and Resivoir Dogs. I mean there are many other action movies that are crazy with shooting, the fast pace of this movie reminded me of how the movie Crank kept moving,similar to the action in this. I bought the DVD, and im
  • People are either going to love this movie, or hate it. I loved it. I predict it having a very strong cult following of people intelligent enough to realise it was NEVER MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! anyone who says you can't take this film seriously is just saying the director, producer, and actors did their job. Most fun i have had in a long long time, and will definately buy it when it hits shelves.

Shoot 'Em Up

Genre:  Action/Adventure
Running Time:  93 min.
Release Date: September 7, 2007
DVD: January 1, 2008

Current rating: Rating: 3.31
based on 1291 votes and 53 reviews
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Cast: Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci, Greg Bryk