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Current Rating: 3.84

Current Rating: 3.84

based on 669 votes and 51 reviews

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  • 1 stars Pretentious piece of artsy fartsy junk. I felt sorry for the actors - Jackson especially looked like a chump in this. Should have been advertised as an art film instead os hoodwinkingthe general public into paying for a ticket to be entertained. Want my money back for the loss of two hours of my life.
  • in one word...stunning...a movie to watch over and over again and catch new things ever time you watch it...what movies should be, an expression of the human soul not big budget movies about nothing, that you watch today and forget tomorrow
  • This movie was fantastic. Perhaps a bit hard for anyone who's not able to follow the ever-shifting point of view. That does take away a little. But overall, this movie was amazing.
  • It would have been a good movie if I could acctually understand it. I think. :)
  • Movie jumps back and forth with horrible transition. Show was very confusing!
  • Fantastic movie. Very deep, requires reviewing to understand and grasp. Artistic, beautiful.
  • it was fantastic and it show lifes realty ... so everybody can see how can live forever film give us this secret...
  • Thoroughy enjoyable film but still I can`t figure out why.
  • The Fountain is a high concept art film. It`s look is gorgeous and very original. It also grapples with some deep themes. I read an interview of the director, Darren Aronofsky, where he said that he liked the idea that we are all recycled. This is something to keep in mind when watching the film: the idea that the matter we are all made up of has existed for billions of years. Although Hugh Jackman`s character focuses his life on battling death, the film keeps hinting at a bigger picture, where death plays a vital part in the continuance of life. In this way, we are all immortal. The film also shows that the moments we have as individuals are
  • A movie has to be extremely good to give it a top-bill rating...Not saying that I have not done that in the past..."The Fountain" is one of those ecclectic movies just striving to reach above and beyond... It succeeds to an extent, but in its desperate striving to do so it loses some in the process...However, I must say that it was a very well put together work of art...Brilliant movie making..great acting...artistic dreamscapes that linger long in the mind along with a timeless philosophy of plot...All these factors weave together to make the fabric of "The Fountain" one of the better movies that I have seen for a while...If I was to paint

The Fountain

Genre:  Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Running Time:  96 min.
Release Date: November 22, 2006
DVD: May 15, 2007

Current rating: Rating: 3.84
based on 669 votes and 51 reviews
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Cast: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Burstyn, Sean Patrick Thomas, Ethan Suplee, Donna Murphy