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Current Rating: 4.19

Current Rating: 4.19

based on 2178 votes and 19 reviews

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  • Anti-religion propaganda.
  • this has nothing to do with where it took place, these types of things were happening all around the world this just depicts one place. this just shows how warped people who think they are divine or have divine power to do whatsoever really are. if this is how they were taught to express their religion and beliefs then im glad im an athiest woman born in canada.
  • I was so shocked.
  • It`s amazing how the principles of mercy and compassion taught by Jesus became so perverted and twisted by the Church in 1960`s Ireland. The cruelty of nuns in the shower scene where they ridiculed and humiliated the body parts of the girls is equal to what was done to the prisoners at Abu Grave. How did the sex drive become so feared?
  • My mother was a single when she had me in Dublin, in 1978 and luckily her family was supportive because the thought of her enduring even a minute of that torture sickens me. I was disgusted at the behaviour that went on in the movie. The Catholic church is so narrow-minded and power hungry it`s scary. What`s even scarier though, is the fact that the families allowed this to happen to those they love. I hope this movie makes people realize how corrupt the Catholic church really is. Magdalene sisters gave me the same feeling that Schindler`s List did...a feeling of innate saddness.
  • One of the best movies I have ever seen.
  • Without a doubt this is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. The story was very disturbing and left me emotionally drained. The acting was incredible and the presentation of the look of the movie made it seem like the time period of the 1960`s. It has made me want to learn more about aother ugly chapter of the Catholic Church. So much has been written and talked about concerning the evil doings of the priests with young boys, which is just in the past few years coming out to think there were additional horror stories of the abuse to young women as well is just overwhelming. The most troubling part is families and church lead
  • this movie was very sad and the worst part was that it was happening to girls same age as myself when I was enjoying life and growing up.It made me vry sad and angry to see girls and women treated as they were by people supposedly Christians and there to help them.If ever I doubted religion this movie helped me make up my mind about it.I was even calling for the girl to stab the nun at the end and I`m not even a violent person.i just thought that was what she deserved.
  • This is what happens when the church gains to much control over women. And this is what can happen when no one reacts to it. Evil Thing do not happen where evil men (women) rule, but where good men (women) do nothing.
  • The merit of this movie is found in Peter Mullen`s ability to tell a story. Every aspect of this movie,though well-crafted, came second to the story- and that`s just as it should be. Well done.

The Magdalene Sisters

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  119 min.
Release Date: July 18, 2003
DVD: March 23, 2004

Current rating: Rating: 4.19
based on 2178 votes and 19 reviews
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Cast: Geraldine McEwan, Dorothy Duffy, Annie-Marie Duff, Eileen Walsh, Nora-Jane Noone