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  • User rating: 4.31 7.69%

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User review rating: 4 July 03, 2023

Definitely worth a watch and Russell Crowe, is quite good in this one! 3.5 stars

User review rating: 4 May 08, 2023

"Bad" but in the best way- Special effects were delightfully fake, but the acting was very genuine. Mixed history with belief and good vs evil with campy horror, and came up with something really fun. Crowe was excellent, and it was cool seeing him speaking Italian and Latin.

User review rating: 3 April 23, 2023

While this doesn't reinvent the possession movie, indulging in all the time-worn tropes, it does present its story in a unique way. A strong performance by Russel Crowe does much to elevate it. All in all, fairly decent.

User review rating: 5 April 23, 2023

Best horror movie I seen in a while

User review rating: 5 April 21, 2023

I really enjoyed this one . Great job by Russell Crowe

User review rating: 1 April 21, 2023

Russell Crowe fights demons by punching them, the douchebag hothead.

User review rating: 5 April 18, 2023

They used actors we all know of and respect. They were pretty brave accepting the parts in the movie. Pay attention to what is happening and is said in the movie, this stuff is real. Check out Fr. Rippenger on YouTube it is as real as it gets!

User review rating: 5 April 18, 2023


User review rating: 5 April 17, 2023

If you're like ME and Love a nice 'Good vs. Evil' or 'God vs. Satan' exorcist flick, I think you're gonna LOVE this one as much as I did! Russel C. had me believing he was really an eccentric Italian priest, and everything About this movie was WELL-DONE, authentic and SCARY!! Never a dull moment, which AIN'T EASY for a theme that you kind of already KNOW! But THIS ONE PULLS IT OFF, and I do mean in Spades!! Best supernatural flick I've seen in Ages, and One of the Best of only a handful of Really Scary Ones, and not cheesy at All, but with some warmth and humor thrown in for Good Measure! SEE IT at the FLICKS, don't wait for the cable version!! You'll thank me!

User review rating: 5 April 17, 2023

Russel Crowe gives it a Gladiator performance! There is room for a sequel!

User review rating: 5 April 17, 2023

Excellent movie. Russell Crowe is at the top of his game. Loved this movie and I hope they make a sequel.

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