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Current Rating: 3.98

Current Rating: 3.98

based on 631 votes and 52 reviews

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  • 5 stars Oh mylanta!!! Awesome awesome movie
  • This movie was really good. I think the Johnny Knoxville is perfect for the role as Steve/Jeffy. Some people actually have the nerve to say," I hated it I walked out after 20 minutes." Well, if you just watch the damn movie then I guarantee you will love it. Knoxville is actually friends with two of special Olympians. Eddie Barbanell(Billy) and John Taylor(Rudy). That speaks to Johnny`s character I deeply respect and admire that. Best Movie of 2005 in my book!
  • I think the people who say the Ringer is dumb are completely wrong. This movie was to show people that mentally-challenged people can compete too. They`re weren`t any cruel jokes at their expense. If you thought the movie was bad and didn`t see the whole thing, maybe you shouldn`t judge it so quickly and just take the time to actually sit down and watch the damn thing. It was a funny, heartwarming, movie that I will never forget. Best movie of 2005! I loved every minute of it. I just love Johnny Knoxville`s respect for his friends. I also love how he kind of got angry when his uncle called his friends retards. I thought that that really sho
  • i thought this was a funny movie even though it was making fun of disabled people!!
  • this film is great!:D, some people think that it makes fun of handicap people but it doesn`t. It is both a comedy and drama, i was also one of those people who were worried about watching it but i did end up watching it and i found it excellent, you will never see another movie like this one, trust me its great and not cruel, there arent any mean jokes about handicaps in this film. so go ahead and watch it u won`t be dissapointed or outraged. it is great!
  • stupid and bad
  • I wasn`t sure about this movie when I heard the premise, but I have to admit that I laughed alot, and I think that if the Special Olympics are cool with the film then why can`t we enjoy it. It isn`t like they are making fun on mentally challenged, and quite honestly the "Challenged" in this movie get some pretty great lines out. Cheers to this movie, it was wicked funny, and to those of you who are bashing it, then perhaps you should look on the lighter side of life. Smile, cause it feels great.
  • My mother warned me about this movie, stating that I might be offended at the beginning. I stated to my mother that I don`t get offended about statements made towards individuals that are mentally challenged. I have worked with these special individuals for over 12 years. In many ways, some of the crude humor is reality. How many so called "normal people" will shake hands with these individual`s if they see them in society? I thought the movie overall had a good plot, because "Stevie, a.k.a. Jeffie" was just attempting to assist Stavi in getting the operation and funding it so he would be able to have his fingers back. If anyone was in
  • I was worried about the subject matter but it was very tastefully done. More tear at your heart than laugh out loud, not as funny as Shallow Hal but a good story
  • This movie was HOT!

The Ringer

Genre:  Comedy
Running Time:  94 min.
Release Date: December 23, 2005
DVD: May 16, 2006

Current rating: Rating: 3.98
based on 631 votes and 52 reviews
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Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Brian Cox, Katherine Heigl, Geoffrey Arend, Edward Barbanell, Bill Chott, Leonard Flowers, Leonard Earl Howze, Jed Rees, John Taylor, Luis Avalos, Zen Gesner