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Current Rating: 3.08

Current Rating: 3.08

based on 2820 votes and 52 reviews

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  • A good idea, but not done well. Actually, terribly done!!! But still entertaining.
  • This movie was not very good. Funny at times, but the end did not make sense at all. I thought they were supposed to be robots! What was that all about? Now that I think about it, this movie was very bad. If you want to watch it because you think the first one was good, this one is nothing like it.
  • NOTE TO PEOPLE: this movie is not a thiller! i am getting really mad with the way people are not enjoying the movie because they thought they were going to see a scary movie, but they saw a comedy instead with a couple of freaky parts. this movie is a comedy! it is not a thiller, as states it as. if you watch the movie, knowing it is supposed to be a comedy, it is much better. overall, a pretty good movie, with funny jokes and a pretty good plot line!
  • I really loved this movie. I saw it on pay per view and plan on buying the DVD. It was fluff, it was hysterical-I laughed out loud several times, the storyline was sooo unbelievable but yet made some really good points about life for the successful woman in today`s world. Those women I think will like this movie for the irony.
  • It was disappointing.
  • Except for a few moments especially with Bett Midler, the movie was horrible.
  • This movie was aboslutely hysterical. Particularly the last 10 minutes - my friend and I were on the floor howling our butts off. Mind you, no one else in the theatre laughed the entire time. It is a toss-up - some will like it, some won`t. If you go and see it, keep this in mind: it is a COMEDY, NOT a drama or horror or sci-fi flick. Remembering that it`s actually supposed to be funny will make it that much more enjoyable - don`t take it seriously, please folks.
  • I think it was the worst movie I`ve ever seen. What a disappointment when I`d expected good stuff with Nicole Kidman. Bad movie choice, Nic. I`m glad it was only 93 minutes long!!
  • Worst movie I have seen in years. Absolutely not worth the ticket price (or a rental price).

The Stepford Wives

Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Running Time:  93 min.
Release Date: June 11, 2004
DVD: November 9, 2004

Current rating: Rating: 3.08
based on 2820 votes and 52 reviews
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Cast: Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken, Faith Hill, Roger Bart, Jon Lovitz, Glenn Close