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Current Rating: 4.25

Current Rating: 4.25

based on 70 votes and 28 reviews

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  • 1 stars Jessica Chastain is a block of ice.
  • 5 stars Excellent
  • 4 stars Excellent film. Okay first off there are a couple of reviews are here talking about the violence they must live in a glass bubble or something . First off there is some violence but nothing that graphic. The couple of people who are saying that obvious have not watched saving private ryan . Hacksaw ridge , or platoon . Those were graphic war movies this had some violence it the movie but nothing i repeat nothing that was disturbing . And the reviewer said not suitable for children well if you read the story line before you watched it you new it was not really about the zoo. It was about human zoo but not animals . I guess they need to stick to Disney movies . This movie was great well acted Jessica was amazing in it and can see a little oscar buzz here. The story was told well and it was interesting to see the danger they put them selves in do not listen to the negative reviews . this is a war film not a kids movie . Not sure why the reviewer thought this was going to be all nice nice. Again the violence was nothing that bad. the one person said they could not watch the movie for all the violence . Gee they must have got a different film . The film is good war film and done very well . My opinion worth the rent
  • 4 stars I saw this yesterday as I kept missing it and wanted to see it. It was a story told with compassion and courage and the basic goodness of people like Anne Frank I do believe this.. I was surprised to see some of the reviews talk about the violence..It was the Holocaust I am not sure what was expected. It was a grim, horrifying and inhuman. Madness reigned..But with all this said this was a couple who I consider heroes to do what they did and the chances they took were the definition of brave.. Lets not forget the amazing performances as well from everyone..Well done imo...
  • 1 stars Too much violence in the movie, This should not be watched by children. The violence is what is wrong with the world today. Not much about the animals more about the Nazi and the violence. It should be rated R.
  • 1 stars Too much violence in it. I could not concentrate on the theme of the movie for all the violence. Not a movie for children to see even though it is rate PG
  • 5 stars Brilliantly told. The story shows a glimpse of a stunning, ideal zoo filled with caretakers who genuinely appreciate the treasures in their zoo. Their is an air of freedom & protection for each creature as the story opens up yet inot enough to be sappy or baby animal cuties. Just as u grasp that these creatures are valued & loved suddenly they are annihilated without warning or cause. The director gives almost enough to make any animal lover clinch their fists & feel they just have to leave but it's quick & ur left thinking it's better they didn't suffer & you find yourself hoping for survivors & wanting to skin Hitler alive after he's been nailed to a post just above a trough of rats! There is hope. Good always prevails. We know this & because of this delicate balance you can sit & brace yourself to keep ur seat as the story unfolds. In the face of their own great loss they don't waste one second feeling sorry for themselves as most would Instead they courageously face the worst evil beings to exist. Day in & out they rescue thousands of Jews & a few Swiss & Polish sympathizers right under the noses of a barrage of German killers that surrounded them. Staying instead of fleeing as most would, actually forced them to have to witness countless murders at the whim of any given Nazi of innocent children & women. Yet not even at the horror & brutality of what would happen to then in a split second if caught did they waiver. No. The zoo keepers wife is the hero of all hero's. None braver. She had no gun & no Kevlar vest just courage & genuine love for all things great & small. As they witnessed the minute by minute killing right in front of them as they never gave in. This movie is a huge blessing. We get to watch humans braver than even a US navy seal. They weren't highly trained just selfless, remarkable people who defied countless enemies surrounding them.
  • 5 stars A truly great story transpiring during an horrific time in history. Heroic! So glad to know of good people that stand against evil. Well done from beginning to end. Highly recommend.
  • 4 stars Excellent and touching story, but the acting wasn't believable. Too bad.
  • 5 stars Historically balanced...based on a true story...passion and tension blended through the entire movie!!! Well done!

The Zookeeper's Wife

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  124 min.
Release Date: March 31, 2017
DVD: July 4, 2017
Blu-ray: July 4, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 4.25
based on 70 votes and 28 reviews
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Cast: Jessica Chastain, Daniel Brühl, Johan Heldenbergh, Michael McElhatton