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Current Rating: 3.13

Current Rating: 3.13

based on 242 votes and 74 reviews

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  • 1 stars I thought about 90% of all of the films categories we're simply awful. A waste of time
  • 5 stars This movie was well put together. I liked the fast cuts here and there, they were provocative, deliberately placed in a scene. Bale, Adams, and Rockwell (as President Bush) performances were outstanding.
  • 1 stars This was so obviously partisan that it distracted from the movie. It intermixed truth and conjecture. People took it as THE truth. Given the quality of the actors, this was beyond disappointing. Really wish I hadn't wasted my time to see it. Just more Fake News.
  • 4 stars The acting was excellent from Bale to Amy Adams. I was a bit disappointed as they did not present any information that the public wasn't aware of - if you were over 22 and paying any attention to the news during the Bush/Cheney era - you already know everything. Perhaps, it was made for the millenials. At first I was shocked that a serious movie was made by a comedy writer and produced by his friends. Now I realize, that might be why it was a bit fluffy. Still a good movie for they younger generation to see.
  • 4 stars It wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I expected a straightforward portrait of an evil man. Instead, it was a semi-documentary. I enjoyed it, and forgot by the end of the movie that I was watching Christian Bale and not Cheyney. His acting was amazing
  • 5 stars Well put together, perfectly cast, slyly humorous, and filled with undeniable facts that make people angry on both sides of the aisle, for different reasons. It's not "propaganda" if it's true.
  • 1 stars Had not heard anything about this movie before I saw it. Clearly liberal and shows the disrespect we have come to tolerate. Stayed until the end to get my wasted moneys worth. Shame on Hollywood.
  • 1 stars I'd be giving it 1/2 a star if i could. " VICE" OWES ME $40.
  • 1 stars More fake news.I paid far too much $ to be disrespected and bored. Send Bale back to UK.
  • 1 stars Same old liberal hate propaganda. Hollywood'nt be doin its job if it wasnt bashing half the public.


Genre:  Comedy, Drama
Running Time:  132 min.
In theatres: December 25, 2018

Current rating: Rating: 3.13
based on 242 votes and 74 reviews
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Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Tyler Perry, Alison Pill, Lily Rabe, Eddie Marsan, Justin Kirk, LisaGay Hamilton, Jesse Plemons