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ACAPULCO Season 3 Trailer

2:13 | Uploaded on Apr 17, 2024

Maximo Gallardo Ramos (Eugenio Derbez) is a successful businessman living in Malibu. When his nephew Hugo (Raphael Alejandro) comes to visit for his birthday, instead of giving the boy an expensive gift, Maximo tells him a story of his youth, growing up in Acapulco, where he landed a job at Las Colinas Resort, his dream since he was small.

Maximo's best friend Memo (Fernando Carsa) also gets a job there and the two navigate their way through the politics of the place. Maximo falls hard for Julia (Camila Perez), a receptionist at the resort, only to find out she's the girlfriend of Chad Davies (Chord Overstreet), whose mother, Diane Davies (Jessica Collins), owns the resort.

In season two, our characters find themselves at crossroads in their lives and with their aspirations. Young Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) back in the '80s, finds himself grappling with his heart and big dreams that are leading him towards the path of becoming the older Maximo we know in the present. While older Maximo finds himself dealing with the consequences of youthful ambition, but going about it in a way his younger self couldn’t handle.

In season three, it’s time to reconcile past mistakes and exciting new beginnings. In the present story, older Máximo finds himself returning to a Las Colinas he no longer recognizes. While in 1985, younger Máximo continues his climb up the ladder of success while potentially jeopardizing all the relationships he’s worked so hard to build.


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