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755 Views | 2:14 | Uploaded on Nov 12, 2013

D'Amato's (Pacino) team, the Miami Sharks, is struggling with consecutive losses, sliding attendance and aging heroes. Off the field, D'Amato is grappling with a failed marriage and estranged children, and is often on a collision course with Christina Pagniacci (Diaz), the young president/co-owner of the Sharks organization.

Unlike her late father, the original owner, Pagniacci maintains a power hungry style of management. She knows that a losing team is a dying business and she will sacrifice any loose ends to protect her investment. She is outmatched when battling with D'Amato, but it is Pagniacci who is in charge and so the decisions are ultimately hers.

When 39-year-old quarterback Jack "Cap" Rooney (Quaid) gets injured, the Sharks turn to an up and coming quarterback, Willie Beamen (Foxx) to take his place. Beamen has a shaky start, but soon enough he stuns the players, fans and management with his plays. With Beamen's higher level of performance in the spotlight, Rooney's future comes into question.

D'Amanto is stuck between Beamen, Pagniacci and Rooney while at the same time trying to save the team from another failing season. D'Amato begins to wonder if he's losing his edge.


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