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785 Views | 2:20 | Uploaded on Nov 12, 2013

When master thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) gets caught during a jewel heist, he hides his loot in the ventilation ducts of a half-finished office building at a nearby construction site moments before being arrested. After he does time he heads back to claim his stashed score only to find that the construction site has become the HQ of the LAPD's 37th Precinct.

In order to get his loot back, he infiltrates the police force by posing as a detective. Not only do the cops think he's a real detective, he's soon placed in command of the entire burglary unit and is assigned a rookie (Luke Wilson) to take under his wing. All he wants to do is look for his hidden booty but, wouldn't you know it, he keeps having to take on actual police assignments.


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