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107 Views | 1:30 | Uploaded on Nov 07, 2022

Each episode involves tech and how middle school students use it to their advantage, which sometimes becomes a disadvantage.

Episode One: Test Subject Thirteen
Jacob (Callan Farris) is desperate to make the school track team and his height is holding him back. Can a medical experiment lab help him grow faster?

Episode Two: Copycat
Aspiring dancer Jesse (Nathaniel Buescher) can’t balance his responsibilities, so a friend (Kiera Laidman) builds his robotic duplicate to help with chores. But things take a turn when Jesse loses control of his double.

Episode Three: Picture Perfect
After her parents’ divorce, Emily (Veda Cienfuegos) uses a memory therapy device to relive happier times—until a machine malfunction threatens to erase the past forever.

Episode Four: Entangled
Carefree student Seth (Cole Keriazakos) and his strict principal (Maz Jobrani) mistakenly swap bodies when a scientific presentation goes wrong.

Episode Five: Permanent Detention
When time seemingly freezes, a mismatched group of students (Cale Ferrin, Quincy Kirkwood, Arielle Halili) must work together to find a solution or be trapped in detention together forever.

Episode Six: Parental Controls
Siblings Jack (Gavin MacIver-Wright) and Cassady (Khiyla Aynne) buy a new universal remote for their media room and discover it can also control their overbearing parents — for better and worse.

Episode Seven: No Place Like Home
In a self-sustaining habitat on Mars, Cricket (Maya McNair) and her family prepare to host visitors, but a storm jeopardizes their plans, safety, and their important environmental studies for the survival of Earth.


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