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1,349 Views | 2:29 | Uploaded on Nov 12, 2013

When a handsome young Cuban named Rafael (Chayanne) arrives in Houston, his passion for life and flair for Latin dance immediately breathe new energy into the faded Excelsior Dance Studio. There, he meets Ruby (Williams), a determined dance instructor who is looking for a chance to re-enter the ranks of professional dance with a new partner. Before long the amateur is teaching the professional how to loosen up her disciplined style and feel the music.

Afraid of what Rafael's honesty and sensuality stir in her heart, Ruby heads for the World Open Dance Championships in Las Vegas with her sleazy former partner. But Rafael is hot on her heels, and in Vegas the romance between Rafael and Ruby finally blooms.

Ultimately, Ruby learns what her lover has known all along: sometimes the most important thing to follow isn't a partner, it's your heart.


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