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836 Views | 0:29 | Uploaded on Dec 09, 2013

The original radioactively mutated, giant lizard is back in all his flame-snorting, city-stomping glory - bigger, better and badder than ever before! An earth-shattering explosion rocks the French Polynesian Islands, and a nearby supertanker is swiftly and inexplicably destroyed. Was an explosion -- or something far more horrifying -- responsible for the devastation? The giant footsteps trailing from the wreckage seem to provide the answer.

Soon the newly awakened monster is leaving a mysterious trail of carnage in its wake as it cuts through miles of Panamanian forests, heading directly to a small, densely populated island... Manhattan.

It's up to two teams of investigators, each with their own agenda - headed by nuclear scientist Nick Tatapoulos and aspiring reporter Audrey Timmonds - to band together to discover the secret of Godzilla ...and determine the only way to stop him.


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