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2:45 | Uploaded on Feb 07, 2020

In this second trailer for The Invisible Man we see Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) sneaking out while her boyfriend Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is sleeping. As she makes her escape with her belongings, she turns back to set her dog free only to inadvertently set off the car alarm. Making a break for it Cecilia manages to hitch a ride with a passing driver, with Adrian in hot pursuit. She later hears Adrian has killed himself, but doesn't believe it. His parting words were that no matter where she fled, he would find her and that he'd be right next to her and she wouldn't know it. As she attempts to get some sense of a normal life staying with her friend James (Aldis Hodge) and his daughter Sydney (Storm Reid), Cecilia begins to witness strange occurrences and concludes that Adrian is still alive and has found a way to become invisible. The invisible man's harassment then begins escalating. 


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